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Anwälte folgender bekannter Kanzleien und Organisationen aus der ganzen Welt haben Sprachkurse unserer Partnerschule besucht:

Alcatel Business Solutions, Baker & McKenzie, Banco de Portugal , Clifford Chance Pünder , Cuatrecasas , Daimler Chrysler , European Central Bank , European Court of Justice , European Law Students Association , Gucci , KPMG , Kuwait Petroleum Corporation , Law Society of England & Wales , Linklaters Oppenhoff & Rädler , Mullerat , PricewaterhouseCoopers , Qatar Steel Corporation , Shearman & Sterling , Sony Ericsson

Hier folgen einige Kursmeinungen ehemaliger Studenten:
"Before joining the lawyers' group in Cambridge for one week I thought my general English was quite good. But I discovered that "legalese" is a totally different and unknown language to me! It's vitally important to avoid the mistakes I used to make at the beginning of the course or you could make a complete fool of yourself when writing a business letter. As the group was limited to six members, it was possible to work in a concentrated and effective way. The course directors chose interesting topics, encouraged discussion and answered every question. I got a good overview of the skills I needed to work on and the hints given to me will help me up-date my specialist knowledge in the future. Last but not least: the certificate has turned out to be a highly esteemed part of my CV".

Ulrike Schultze-Moderow, Germany

"The course gave me the chance to compare my country's system of justice with that of other countries like Portugal, England, Russia. Delivery of the course was very professional and I am now in a position to evaluate English legal documents without difficulty. I would strongly recommend this course to any lawyer who would like to get a better understanding of how justice is performed on an international platform."

Evren Aksoy, Turkey

"A very useful course for your daily, practical work."

Lukas Gayler, Switzerland


"I think the course was good for learning the specific legal English we need everyday to understand international business transactions and contracts written in English. I completely agree with the method of teaching that I would define as a sort of mixture between theory and practice. This method is carried out from the first day and the result at the end of the course is fantastic because the student has learnt without difficulty. It is possible to check this new knowledge during the TOLES exam that at the beginning of the course seemed to be impossible, but at the end it could be dealt with even if it remains very difficult. In addition the teachers are very professional and qualified."

Max De Benetti, Italy

"The experience of doing this course was wonderful. I improved my knowledge of legal English through the combination of the teaching method at Cambridge Law Studio and the standard of excellence. I have no doubt that this course is a must for people who want a career in Business law."

Bernadine Ribeiro, Brazil

"I followed a three-week course and my main purpose was to be able to write contracts in English, develop my legal vocabulary and improve my negotiation tactics. Amazingly, and despite the short period of this course, I have achieved my goal and now I'm handling lots of international contracts in the firm where I work. I may have hesitated at first but now all my colleagues want to go to Cambridge due to the high level of legal English I have shown after coming back to Lebanon."

Hisham Hage, Lebanon